About us

We Help Companies Grow by Exploring Partnership and Investment Opportunities in Silicon Valley and Learning About Disruptive Technologies and Emerging Trends

What we do

What we do

Since 2012, we have organized hundreds of company meetings for corporate executives and managers, business owners, board members of global businesses and government leaders in Silicon Valley and beyond.
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Our Team

Andrey Kunov

Founder & CEO

Shopie Eden

Lead Generation Marketing Manager

Russel Climaco-Estardo

Director of Business Development

James March

Business Development Director

Elena Pinzon

Program Manager

Marina Geer

Director of Global Accounts

Kavin Nadjimov

Director of Sales

Irene Shpet

Budget Analyst

Michael Serebryakov

VP Business Development

Olena Bondareva

Director of Finance

Andy Zhulenev

VP of Corporate Innovation

Forum Shah

Assistant Program Manager

Victoria Mensch

VP of Operations and Marketing