Autonomous Vehicles

Significant impact

The impact on our lives of autonomous vehicles is set to be profound. In fact, trying to list all the industries which the technology will affect is an almost impossible task, given how fundamental transport is to everything we do.

Mobility as a service

Autonomous vehicles promise to fully realize the idea of mobility as a service, to be consumed on-demand as and when needed. What’s more, when goods and people can move seamlessly across cities and even countries without human drivers, traditional notions of public transport, logistics and real estate all come into question.


How will autonomous vehicles impact your core business? With each passing day, this question becomes more pertinent. Although driverless cars are not yet mainstream, competition is fierce between traditional automakers and tech companies to be the first to come up with the winning formula. When they do, expect the results to be truly disruptive.

Explore the Autonomous Vehicles

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